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The myspace developer platform allows you to develop creative and innovative applications and games that are rooted in the myspace experience. Developers can monetize their application by advertising and selling virtual goods, as well as promote their own sites and brands to millions of myspace members all over the world.

Rest API for Myspace Developer Platform:
The Myspace REST API is based on the foundation of REST architecture. Utilized together with OAuth, Myspace's REST API ensures secure access to Myspace's social network data resources.

MyspaceID or (Myspace OpenID):
MyspaceID allows users to easily get access to your site and bring their identity with them. You can use Myspace's great platform to power social functionality in your website.

App Notifications:
App Notifications are one-line or multiple line communication means enabled by the use of an application and its user. It provides a framework for communicating general application state messages and also gives the user various options for executing an application-specific action.