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Super Society is a next-generation online social networking technology that offers a unique platform for easy networking across various virtual communities. The company will bring members of different communities under one single log-in screen. SuperSociety's platform will serve as a mega 'Mash-up' - a website that combines seamlessly integrates content from more than one source. SuperSociety makes this integration possible by its proprietary AI Aggregator Engine and Social Networking Protocol, patent-pending architecture technologies that will break new ground in how web sites share information.

SuperSociety will also allow members to customize their all-in-one platform creatively and without any technical expertise. It will facilitate the sharing of customized features among the members within its network. Other sites can make free use of SuperSociety's own modular solutions, as the company intends to brand itself as a friendly network integrator that works in the interest of all web 2.0 sites.