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MarketingPAD is an enterprise solution which serves as a one-stop shop for all retail store (and any business) marketing needs. It connects business owners together as partners and lets business owners keep in touch with their customers.

MarketingPAD consists of 3 main components:

  1. 1.DealPAD
  2. Creat Opt-in lists for retail businesses by offering the customers discounts and deals using our patent-pending touch-screen device. The display of the screen is fully customizable from the business owners desktop.

  3. 2.LeadPAD
  4. This the enterprise level marketing platform. It allows the business owner to generate real leads from the Opt-in list created by DealPAD by means of SMS, Email, and Facebook.

  5. 3.PartnersPAD
  6. Meaningful Social-Networking for businesses. Businesses choose nearby or complimentary businesses as partners. This way the can exchange ad-space for the ads displayed over DealPAD.